MS3500 - Launching the new ammonia analyzer

Launching the New
MS3500 Ammonia Analyzer:

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Oil in Water Analyzers, THM Analyzers
and Ammonia Analyzers

Photo of the online oil in water/hydrocarbon analyzer to detect pollution at water intakes

Oil in Water Analyzer

The MS1200 is an on-line oil in water analyzer which provides low level measurements of hydrocarbons, oil in water and VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) concentrations in water. It is designed to: monitor water abstraction points such as raw river water, wells, reservoir water, industrial discharge and effluent points and much more.

Photo of the MS3500: online ammonia analyzer for WWTP

Ammonia Analyzer

The MS3500 is the first specialist Ammonia analyzer for Raw Waste Water. Its rugged construction and design allows it to reliably measure Ammonia at the influent of a waste water treatment plant, giving the operator a level of control and knowledge presently unknown to the industry.

Photo of the online trihalomethane analyzer to measure TTHM

THM Analyzer

The MS2000 is an on-line Total Trihalomethane analyzer and monitoring system. It uses no reagents and it is, therefore, very low cost to run. It is designed to analyze THMs post treatment and in the network.

Some Case Studies

Installation of an MS1200 oil in water analyzer

River Intake Analyzer

Monitoring of oil in water in a river water intake to detect hydrocarbon contamination from accidental spills. In early 2013 there was an oil spill into the river from a local petrochemical plant. The local water company abstracting water from the same river was hit by high levels of hydrocarbons and this lead to a halt in water production and to high costs due to the replacement of filters, pipes and cleaning costs.

Installation of a hydrocarbon analyzer

RO Membrane Protection

An accident with oil in water contamination in the river could mean that the customer's new RO membrane installation is at risk. The application is to analyze the river water intake to the RO treatment process that provides water for food manufacture. The instrument has been installed within the factory and has successfully protected the facility for more than 3 years.

Installation of a THM analyzer

THM in Drinking Water

The local health authority had warned that the THM level in the water supplied to households in the region was above or near the limit imposed by law. For this reason the local WTP was asked to install an on-line THM monitoring system and implement improved process control.

About Multisensor Systems Ltd.

Multisensor Systems is a developer and supplier of Water and Air Analyzers specializing in oil in water, hydrocarbon analyzers, oil in water detectors, THM Analyzers and Ammonia Analyzers based in the United Kingdom. Our products are designed and built to the highest quality standards and are used to:

  • Protect Water Treatment facilities and Waste Water Treatment Works
  • Provide pollution control to wells, Rivers and other water courses
  • Gather process control data to reduce energy and chemical usage
  • Monitor the quality of Drinking Water in the Distribution Network
  • Measure emissions from commercial, industrial, land fill and agricultural sites

With many years of experience and a network of more than 60 distributors around the world we are sure we can deliver world class service and help you to solve your problem.

If you need an oil in water analyzer to monitor contamination in your water treatment plant, if you want to measure THMs without spending a lot of money on reagents or if you want to see how the Ammonia Analyzer can protect your WWTP from damaging peaks, then contact us.